Here at Nu Sign Marine we have the ability to offer a range of materials to make replacement boat windows, washboards, companionways, hatches and instrument mounts amongst many other items.

Plastic Material Types

Many different types of plastic materials are used at Nu Sign Marine. From acrylics in different colours and thicknesses supplied by companies like Perspex and Plexiglas, to polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Each material has useful properties, reflecting the varied uses in marine applications.


We can offer a range of services based around how much you want to do. Boat windows or hatch replacements can be completely serviced by us – or if you are happy to do some of the work yourself – can provide the materials and hints and tips for you to complete. So whether it’s the complete job – just a sawn piece of acrylic  – or somewhere in between  – Nu Sign Marine can help you bring your project to a successful conclusion.

It can sometimes be quite daunting when faced with a leaky window or hatch – please give us a call to talk it through – a few ideas or options will put your mind at rest. A damp boat is not a happy boat – and being from a boating background our knowledge will help you turn that problem around.


If you are varnishing that washboard for the tenth year in a row?

Consider a Perspex washboard to remove that item from your list every winter.

Keep the wooden one for when the boats overwintering.

Use the Perspex one for when you’re actually sailing.

It will throw so much more light into the cabin.


Bought a new piece of equipment? – but it’s far smaller than the old aperture it used to sit in?

Our polished adaptor plates in white or black Perspex will resolve that issue.

The multiple new pieces of electronics layout headache?

New panels, new layout following the old shape.

Where do we start?

Engraved control panels,transom pads for new outboards, Perspex mirrors for the heads.

Sliding cupboard doors in the galley,cup holders that fit in your sink,?

The list is as you would expect is endless.

We will find a solution !

Vinyl Signage

We can supply pin stripes and boat names (and fit them).

Various vinyl colours if you need to give your boat a fresh look for the coming season.